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Example: re: word work up

The doctor will *work up* the cause of her abnormal hear rhythm. (verb)

During his *workup* for this tumor, he was found to have an abdominal aortic aneurysm. (noun)
The work up revealed the surface was of no real concern at this time.
I am thinking the word work up is a noun in this sentence therefore it would be one word.
Noun because it is a thing?
The workup revealed the surface was of no real concern at this time.
ps if a verb then no changes.

  • Grammar -

    hear is probably heart?
    2 = yes


  • Grammar -

    spellling yes heart.
    The work up revealed the surface was of no real concern at this time.

    work up needs to be one word because it is a noun.
    Change the sentence to:
    The workup revealed the surface was of no real concern at this time.

  • Grammar -

    Yes I went with that before confirmation and it is the correct answer -

    Thank you so much
    I got 80% on the exam -
    a couple of questions were CARELESSNESS!
    The others will have to study.

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