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Please check my work. How did I do? Also, please correct me on any gramatical mistakes. Thank you.

Summary, Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation......
Write a paragraph explaining the key differences between the four types of writing.

An analysis is your own interpretation of the information given in a written paper or source. You would start by breaking down the main points of writing and consider how they relate. To consider how they relate you would closely examine each main point to understand the facts written, and the ways they work together. An analysis, and synthesis have similar investigative procedures. However, they are different. For example an analysis we use to break down into parts to examine something, to understand it, and the ways it works together. A synthesis is the opposite, and is used to combine separate information from several sources to make a new point. Next, an evaluation is your opinion on whether or not the information on a source is valuable or useful. Your opinion would be your informed judgment, and supported judgment that uphold your view point. Lastly, a summary is a paragraph detailing the main point of a source in your own words.

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