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Im having trouble on a question Im not sure what it is they are asking for.

A voltaic cell similar to that shown in Figure 20.5 is constructed. One electrode compartment consists of a silver strip placed in a solution of AgNO3, and the other has a iron strip placed in a solution of FeCl2. The overall cell reaction is given below.

2 Ag+(aq) + Fe(s) 2 Ag(s) + Fe2+(aq)

a)Which electrode is the anode, and which is the cathode.

wouldn't the Ag be the anode because it is losing electrons and the Fe be the cathode???

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    The Ag electrode gains electrons doesn't it. Ag^+ + e ==> Ag
    You may be confusing yourself because you have no arrow to show the products versus the reactants. ALWAYS place an arrow in an equation. It isn't an equation without one.

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    oh ok i see! thanks!

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    i have a follow up question:

    In which directions do the cations and anions migrate through the solution?

    toward the silver cathode ? or
    toward the iron cathode ?

    so do the anions(Fe)migrate to the silver? and cations toward the iron? there is a diagram that goes along with this and im not sure if you need to look at it to solve this problem

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    The Fe electrode is the anode and negatively charged. The Ag electrode is the cathode and positively charged. I would like to see the diagram but there is no way to do that.
    This diagram may help. Note the direction of the K^+ and the NO3^- from the KNO3 salt bridge.

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