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Automobiles, airplanes, food, beverages, perfume, and fashions are among the variety of products from France that customers throughout the world can buy. Each of France's 22 regions proudly produces its own specialties. These regions closely resemble the former French provinces both in name and location.

1. Currently, France is divided into regions. What did these regions used to be called?

I read over this paragraph several times. Though it does not tell what the regions used to be called. It only gives a hint --something to do with "Former French Provinces".

Why are there a lot of large factories in northeastern France?

There are a lot of large factories in northeastern France because they help produce a variety of Industrial products. And this area is also rich for its iron mines.

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    1. True that this paragraph does not give you the information. Here is a site that explains the names of the former regions:

    2. Both the iron mines and the coal mines are located in the northeastern region of France.

    Sra (aka Mme)

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    The 22 French regions
    Alsace >>
    Aquitaine >>
    Auvergne >>
    Bourgogne >>
    Bretagne >>
    Centre Val de Loire >>
    Champagne - Ardenne >>
    Corse >>
    Franche-Comté >>
    Ile de France >>
    Languedoc - Roussillon >>
    Limousin >>
    Lorraine >>
    Midi - Pyrénées >>
    Normandie >>
    Pays de la Loire >>
    Picardie >>
    Nord Pas-de-Calais >>
    Poitou-Charentes >>
    Provence Aples Côte d'Azur >>
    Rhône-Alpes >>
    Riviera Côte-d'Azur >>

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