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Calculate the enthalpy of reaction from the standard enthalpies of formation of the reactant and product molecules.


I am using the back of my book for the standard enthalpies of formation, but cannot seem to find the HoF for C2H6?

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    My book lists -84.86 kJ/mol for the gas.

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    Calculate the enthalpy change for the reaction

    NO(g) + O(g) --> NO2(g)

    from the following data:

    NO(g) + O3(g) --> NO2(g) + O2(g) ; ∆H = -198.9 kJ
    O3(g) --> 1.5O2(g) ; ∆H = -142.3 kJ
    O2(g) --> 2O(g) ; ∆H = 495.0 kJ

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