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Could you please let me know which alternatives are best? I really need to know which ones I should use, especially in question 6. Thank you.

1) Next summer I'm going on holiday from 7 July to 27 July. We are going to spend two weeks on Malta.
2) My famiy and I are leaving on the morning of 7 July. My father is going to drive us to Turin Airport.
Our flight is at 10 am and we will be on Malta at 12.40 am.
3) We are staying in a four-star-hotel overlooking the beach.
4) My parents have already booked a triple room with private bathroom and balcony for the whole period.
5) I really hope I'll enjoy myself and I'll meet a lot of interesting people there.
6) We are flying back on 27 July at 7.30 in the morning (on the morning of 27 July is also possible?).

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    3) again, you have one too many hyphens = four-star hotel

    6) both are possible.


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