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Ms. Hendricks asked her students how they get to school each day. She collected their answers
and determined the following results.
• Half of her students take the bus.

of her students walk.
• The rest of her students ride with their parents.
a. What percent of the students take the bus?
b. What percent of the students walk? Explain how you know that your answer is correct.
c. What percent of the students ride with their parents? Show or explain how you got your answer.

  • Math -

    a. Half of her students = ? percent

    b. One-fifth = ? percent

    c. Add the percents and subtract from 100.

    I'll be glad to check your answers.

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    1/2 = 1 divided by 2 = 0.50 = 50%

    1/5 = ?

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    1/5=1 divided by 5=0.20=20%

  • Math -


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    now i add 50%+20%=70% & 70-100=?

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    Yes -- except it's 100 - 70

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    ohh so C. is 30

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    Right! :-)

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    Thanks :-)

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    You're welcome.

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