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Okay. I had a sub today, and she said that I have to make an advertisement on the HBC to attract individuals.

Some examples she gave to me:

-Marvellous goods!
-We Want you!
-Jobs available for men!

Some things I came up:
-All types of fur like beaver and buffalo

-Stay by the bay!

-Be safe!

-High standard of trade!

-Salaried employees!

-Cheap furs.

Could I pretty please please get some more phrases? Relating to things the HBC sells, and about employment, etc.

  • Advertising--HBC Company -

    Those are more than enough for one advertisement.

  • Advertising--HBC Company -

    Okay. But please Ms. Sue could you just give me three more for final touch please.

  • Advertising--HBC Company -

    I also did one on the NWC company, and this is what I did:

    -Aboriginals have involvement in the fur trade!

    -Will trade Alchohol for furs!

    -Chipewyans supply most of the furs!

    -More relaxed in our trading standards.

    Please Ms. Sue, would like just 3 more for Hudson Bay Company.

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