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Kelsey has 6 coins. 1/3 of her coins are dimes. The value of the dimes is one-fourth the value of the coins. How much money does Kelsey have?

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    so 1/3 of 6 coins is 2. so all together the dimes are 20 cents. so 20 times 4 is 80. Kelsey has 80 cents.

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    So Kelsey obviously has 2 dimes worth 20 cents. (1/3 of 6 is 2)
    This 20 is 1/4 the value of all the coins, so the value of all the coins must be 80 cents,
    so Kelsey has 80 cents.

    This is actually the end of the question, but it is fun to keep going.
    The remaining 4 coins must be worth 40 cents.
    since there can't be any more dimes, or else they would have been counted in the above, the remaining 40 cents must be in quarters and nickels,
    How about 1 quarter and 3 nickels?

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