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please help me , this journal is for tomorow and i can't do it: the idea that power courrupts but suffering can redeem is fairly common plot support this theme, please answer as fast as you can . thank you

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    this journal is about king lear sorry i forget to mention it in the question thanks

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    No one here will do your writing for you; make sure you have done all of these things:

    1. Read the play, and you may have to reread parts of it. Use the NoFearShakespeare link I've given you in order to read a modern English "translation." You'll understand it far better that way.

    2. Decide who is supposed to be writing this journal entry? Lear? Cordelia? Regan? Who?

    3. Make sure you are clear on who becomes powerful in this play. (There are several characters, actually.) Choose one. Then decide how that character acted when given power he/she wasn't used to having.

    4. Make sure you are clear on who suffers in this play and changes his/her attitudes because of the suffering.

    Once you are clear on all those things and have read and re-read whatever you need to, then you'll be ready to write. And once you have written your journal entry, feel free to post it if you would like someone here to critique it for you.

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    i don't want you to write me the journal i need only some hint to write

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