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I forgot to include a few last sentences.
When reporting the following sentences:
1) "Have you done your homework yet"
should I use already in reported speech?
She asked me if I had already done my homework/or had done my homework yet.

2)"She arrived last Saturday". She said she had arrived the Saturday before/the previous Saturday (are they both possible?)

3) "Is your birthday next month?" She asked me if my birthday was the following month/the next month/ the month after /afterwards? (Which are possible??)

tomorrow: the following day, the next day, the day after (is a mistake because after is a preposion??)

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    1. Sorry, but I do not understand this statement: "should I use already in reported speech?"

    2. Yes.

    3. All


    P.S. After is both an adverb and a preposition and afterwards is an adverb

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