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I'm posting you my questions again since I mispelt the word English before. Thank you very much for your help!

I have a few more doubts. I also wanted to know if the sentence "It was three days since I had last met him" is a mistake. I just applied a grammar rule according to which "it was ... is followd by the past perfect with the meaning "I hadn't met him for three days".

1)I sometimes volunteer my time to civil difence. By the moment (at the moment) I don’t support any charities. I may join or support one during next years (is it correct?)
7) I’m a scout and I sometimes spend my time baking pies or selling homemade charms (?) to earn money for (the) poor people.
8)I contribute (and donate money?) to a charity called “Blue Telephone” which helps ill-treated/abused children.
9)I also do voluntary work in a hospital. (How can I express this? You drive an ambulance). My sister contributes to a charity for animals called “Four-legged friends (or friends to four-legged animals”)

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