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Find the corresponding rectangular coordinates for the polar point (4, -/6).

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    Is that supposed to be (4, -ƒÎ/6)?
    If so, you would use this formula:

    x = rcosӨ
    y = rsinӨ

    x = 4cos(-ƒÎ/6)
    y = 4sin(-ƒÎ/6)

    -ƒÎ/6 on the unit circle is the same as 11ƒÎ/6. The cosine (or x-value) for this angle is ã3/2, and the sine (or y-value) for this angle is -1/2.

    x = 4(ã3/2)
    y = 4(-1/2)

    x = 2ã3
    y = -2

    Your answer is:

    (2ã3, -2)

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