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My class is learning about the areas of regular polygons and circles and I'm so confused. How are you supposed to figue out the area a regular triangle inscribed in a circle when all you know is that the radius of the circle is 1.5?

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    If it is a rt triangle occupying less
    that i/2 of the circle:
    At = 2As,
    As = At/2.

    At = Area of the triangle.

    As = A shaded area between triangle and

    At + As = pi*r^2/2 = 1/2 of a circle.
    Substitute At/2 for As:
    At + At/2 = 3.14*(1.5)^2/2,
    1.5At = 3.53,
    At = 2.36. = Area of triangle.

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