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Problem Two: 5/9 + (2/9)x = 25/7 + (6/7)x – 2/3

Multiply figures inside parentheses
5/9 + (1 x 2/9x) = 25/7 + (1 x 6/7x) – 2/3

Collect like signs
5/9 + 2/9(6/7x) = 25/7 + (-2/3)

Multiply like signs
2 x 6
9 7

Reduce like numbers
2 x 2 = 4x
3 7 21x

Multiply number fractions
5 x 25 = 125
9 7 63

Add – 2 = 123
3 60

All I can figure out is
4/21x = 123/60

I know this is wrong but I am stumped.

Can someone explain this in a simple way? I have never done a problem like this before and can't find anything in the text book to help.

  • algebra -

    5/9 + (2/9)x = 25/7 + (6/7)x – 2/3

    I would multiply through by 9 first, then by 7 to remove the fractions

    9(5/9 + (2/9)x) = 9(25/7 + (6/7)x – 2/3)

    5 + 2x = 25.9/7 + (6.9/7)x – 6

    7(5 + 2x) = 7(25.9/7 + (6.9/7)x – 6)


    now group like terms





    but check the maths

  • algebra -

    I was wondering about that approach because of the like denominators although they weren't like terms.

    Your method makes sense. I will go through your steps for myself and see if I can get the same answer. It may be a good idea for me to make up a similar problem and submit it to see if it is right. Unfortunately, I have no reference and will be graded on the steps taken and the answer. It is not a test, just an assignment with two complex problems that cover many concepts.

    Thank you. I will tell the teacher I got help with the problem, although the teachers know we do as there are tutors on other sites we are allowed to access.

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