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I don't understand how you get the answer. I really don't understand any of this, how do I set it up with the numbers? once i get how to do this, then i feel i will understand how to set these up from here on out. so if you could, show all your work, thanks

(A). A reaction with a known q is performed in a bomb calorimeter and is found that 10.0 kj of heat is required to raise the temperature of the calorimeter by 2.15 degrees C. calculate the heat capacity of the calorimeter.

(B). When 1.00 g of C2H6(g) is burned in the bomb calorimeter from (A), the temperature rises from 22.00 degrees C to 33.13 degrees C. calculate q for the combustion of C2H6(g) as performed

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    q = Ccal x delta T
    Ccal = 10,000/2.15 = 4651.2 J/K

    q = [mass H2O x specific heat H2O x delta T] + [Ccal*delta T]
    q = [150 x 4.184 x (33.13-22.00)] + [4651.2*(33.13-22.00)] = ??
    I didn't watch my significant figures in the above. You need to take care of that after your calculation.

    In #1, the heat capacity is the heat generated/degree rise in T.

    In #2, the ethane burns and the water inside the calorimeter tells you how much heat is generated BECAUSE the T of the water is raised. We know the mass of the water, we know the specific heat water, and the rise in T was measured; therefore we can calculate the amount of heat generated. The heat raised the T of BOTH the water AND the calorimeter. So the total Q from burning ethane is just q from the water + q from the calorimeter.

  • Chemistry DrBob -

    a 225.0 gram sample of aluminum is heated and the temperature increased from 50.0 celsius to 65.0 celsius for temperature change of 15.0celsius. how many calories of heat was absorbed to produce this temperature?

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