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In 2005 admission to the Bronx zoo was $6 for a child and admission to the toronto zoo was 11 candian dollars. Using the exchange rate of 1.2403 candian dollars per U.s dollar which zoo's admission costs more in U.S dollars.
I think its Bronx Zoo.

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    11/1.2403 = 8.868822

    The Toronto Zoo costs $8.87

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    Here is a conversion site:

    Knowing then that $1 USD (U.S. dollar) is equal to -.950473 CAD (Canadian dollar), if you multiply $6 times that it will be 5.702778. Therefore you are correct in that the Bronx Zoo costs more!


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    How did you arrive at that conclusion?
    11 can x (1 US/1.2403 can) = ??

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    no you have to use the info in the thing i typed its on the top

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