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What might be some modern examples of speech styles that weren't discussed in the lecture? Defend why you consider these to be modern styles.

In the lecture-new channels of speaking that have developed as a result of changes in technology.

New forms of communication, such as e-mails, chats, and bulletin boards, have created a channel of delivery that is quite different from formal speech. For example, a disregard for capitalization, spelling errors, incorrect grammar, and even abbreviated speech like "BTW" (by the way), "b/c" (because), and "ttyl" (talk to you later), has become commonplace and accepted.

So would a play be considered a moderen examle of a speech style?

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    Also what about game show contestants? They have to get up in front of others and either answere questions or do some sort of stunt. That can not be too nervous b/c they might mess up

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    I have no idea what was discussed in your text.

    Many of the "styles" you mention are found only in written communication, not public speaking.

    Check with your instructor to see if your other examples are acceptable.

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