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In this experiment the only source of Ca2+ ions is Ca(OH)2. Using the experimental Ksp value, calculate the slubility of Ca(OH)2 (in mol/L) in .30 M NaOH.

Experiment Ksp = 1.69x10^-5

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    Ca(OH)2 ==> Ca^2+ + 2OH^-

    NaOH ==> Na^+ + OH^-

    Ksp = 1.69E-5 = (Ca^2+)(OH^-)^2
    Set up an ICE chart.
    (Ca^2+) = x
    (OH^-) from Ca(OH)2 = x
    (OH^-) from NaOH = 0.3
    Substitute into Ksp expression to obtain
    Ksp = (x)(x+0.3)^2
    Solve for x.

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