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Do you think this is a good survey or should I change the wording and/or add questions?


Have you heard of the movie ‘The Castle’?
Have you seen the movie ‘The Castle’?
Do you believe that this movie is an accurate portrayal of Australian culture, beliefs and attitudes (National Identity)?
Which aspects (scenarios, characters etc) of this movie do you believe best portray Australian culture, beliefs and attitudes?
Do you believe that ‘The Castle’ is an Aussie Icon? Why/Why not?
What do you believe is Australia’s national identity?
Do you think Australia has a unique national identity?

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    What is the purpose of your survey?

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    I need to prepare a speech on what my generation percieves as Australian national identity and tie it into an australian icon.

    I'm using the survey to tailor my speech so that I can reference what other people think not just my own ideas.

    As there isn't a vast amount of information about 'The Castle' on the internet and how it relates I thought I might as well ask people and use it in my assignment.

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    I have never heard of The Castle, nor seen the movie, so I can't regard it as an Aussie Icon.

    An Aussie icon might be a koala or a kangaroo or its distinctive flag.

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    Do you think my survey works though? I could change the wording for a new icon if its any good...

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    I suggest you ask other Australian young people about what they think are the Australian icons.

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    We did a survey in class and The Castle came up in it (I live in Australia)

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    Then go with your survey questions. They look good.

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    Thank you

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    You're welcome.

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