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calculate both the pearson and spearman correlation coefficient for the data below. state whether ther are significant? writ a brief statement to explain the results generated by each correlation.
self-esteem 10.00, 9.00,8.00,7.00,7.00,6.00,6.00,6.00,4.0,4.00.
grades 83.00,97.00,92.00,83.00,93.00,97.00,5.00,68.00,59.00,65.00

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    If you calculate this by hand, it might be helpful to set up a table of x values (self-esteem) and y values (grades), x^2 values, y^2 values, and xy values (x times y). Total each set of values. Once you have all the values, plug them into the formula to calculate Pearson r.

    Formula is this:

    r = n(Exy) - [(Ex)(Ey)]

    Note: E means to add up or total its corresponding value.

    Once you have r, then you can take it from there.

    I hope this will help get you started.

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