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I have to write a essay on the movie snow walker. a race and Ethnicity essay ..my question is what am I supposed to write about.??

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    What is there in the movie that involves race and ethnicity?

    I haven't seen it, so you'll have to tell me.

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    a white man is a pilot in Alaska he decides he wants to detour his flight plan to make some money on the side, then on his first fuel drop he finds a Inuit family and they beg him to take their young daughter to Yellowknife she is sick with TB the family gives him walrus tusk for payment and he decides to take her , then they crash in the middle of nowhere...then they have to survive the rugged terrain of Alaska together...she dies at the end when they finally get rescued....please help thanx!

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    How does ethnicity affect the action and characters in this film? Does the hero save the native? Or does the native save the hero?



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    Thanx Ms sue

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    You're welcome, Cale.

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