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I think I can answer these questions, but I do not know how to explain my answers in a intelligent way, can anyone help?

1. Which is the "odd one out" in each group, and why?

a. The baby's bottle.
The nation's struggle.
The teacher's absent.
The nurse's pay.
The government's defeat.


b. The plane was hi-jacked by a woman.
The tourists were attacked by a gang.
The soldier was hit by a bullet.
The trains collided by a river.
Three hundred people were killed by the earthquake.


c. She must have lost the address.
Alan must have been here too.
That must have been awful.
The thieves must have got in through the window.
I must have something to drink.


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    Are the ones with the letters your answers? If so, I disagree with them.

    Be more clear on what your answers are then I'll know how to explain it better. (I have my own answers and reasons).

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    no, those are typos, the letters mean nothing.

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    You still didn't tell me your answers though. :-)

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