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The perimeter of rectangle P is 12 feet. The perimeter of rectangle Q is 18 feet. Both rectangles have the same area.Find the area and dimensoin of each rectangle.

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    1 by 8 is the dimensions I drew them both and divided the perimeters and then substitued starting from 1 and it worked the first time, but yeah the answer is 8

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    oh and the other rectangle is 1 by 5 ft

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    1x8 and 5x1 don't have the same area. Wait for someone else to answer, but I am trying to figure out, logically, how they could possibly have the same area.

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    Eight is not a logical answer. I hope you have figured it out by now... 8+8=16. Even dividing 18 would not come to an answer of 8, it would come to an answer of 9.

    Neither triangle has the same area. That answer is wrong.

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    so their is no answer for this one or yes.

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