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A person driving home late one evening on a dark, deserted road comes across a single-vehicle accident. Getting out of the car and viewing the damaged vehicle, it is clear that the lone occupant, the driver, is hurt and unconscious. Wishing to help the injured person, the "Good Samaritan" pulls the driver out of the car, lays him on the ground, and calls 911 on his cell phone. Emergency personnel soon arrive and take the injured driver to the hospital. The Good Samaritan later learns that as a result of his moving the driver, the driver suffered significant, permanent injury to his back.

Use your critical thinking skills approach to analyze this situation according to the three ethical theories you have learned; virtue ethics, formalism, and utilitarianism. Prepare a 2-3 paragraph essay that identifies whether it is a teleological or deontological approach, and make a conclusion about the morality of the Good Samaritan's actions.

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    It asks you to use your critical thinking.

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