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) Overproduction of uric acid in the body can be an indication of cell breakdown. This may be an advance indication of an illness such as gout, leukemia, or lymphoma. Over a period of months, an adult male patient has taken eight blood tests for uric acid. His mean concentration was mg/dl. The distribution of uric acid in healthy adult males can be assumed to be normal, with รณ = 1.85. You are interested in a 99% confidence interval for the mean concentration of uric acid for this patient.

___(a) Write down the proper formula to use
________________________________(b) What is the value of or for your interval
_____________________________ (c) What is the value of the margin of error for your interval
__________________________________________ (d) Give the 99% confidence interva
(e) Interpret your interval in the context of the problem.
_______________________ (f) How many blood tests would you need to take to have 99% confidence and have a margin of error of only E = 1.25

  • statistics -


    CI99 = mean + or - 2.58(sd/√n)

    ...where + or - 2.58 represents the 99% confidence interval using a z-table; sd = standard deviation; n = sample size.

    I'll let you take it from here.

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