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Can you please see if everything is correct? Thank you.

1) She said she couldn't stand science fiction or documentary films.
2) Peter asked her if she was going to leave for London that weekend.
They asked us if we were Italian.
3) Jane asked me if I could help her do her homework.
4) Janes doesn't know whether to go to the party or not.
5) When we arrived (got to) at the station, the train had already left.
I had had the car for a month when I had a smash-up.
6) He asked for the courtains to be closed.
7) I had been attending thee Spanish course for a month when I met my future husband.

  • English -

    1. OK

    2. OK

    3. OK

    4. Jane

    5. arrived at

    6. curtains

    7. the Spanish class / three Spanish classes ??

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