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I have to write a dumb dinosaur story.

The textbook says you'll need to invent a way for humans to enter the story, but that's not necessarily so -- perhaps your story is from the point of view of a dinosaur or a prehistoric plant or even a volcano

Write your own dinosaur story . whats kinds of dinosaurs will you use? what exactly will they look like?

i seriously don't know where to start and i think i just my cry.

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    Please do not put humans in your story, because dinosaurs died out long, long before there were human beings. The only way you could put humans in the story is if you were to set it in modern times with archaeologists looking for dinosaur bones and eggs.

    These sites should give you some good ideas.




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    i don't wanna do it ):::::::::::::
    okay thank you

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    You're welcome.

    I hope you have fun with this assignment. Let your imagination go wild!

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