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I am a Sophomore in High School. I have a GPA of 3.3 currently, (it's very bad) with no AP classes taken until Junior and Senior year. What are my chances of getting into UC Irvine? That's the school I really want to get into!

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    I don't think anyone can predict your chances of getting into any specific school -- especially the competitive ones.

    Colleges take many factors into account; GPA is only one factor. SAT scores, essays, personal experiences, volunteer work, school activities and leadership also count. Even those may not be enough. I have a young friend who graduated with a good GPA and AP classes from one of the best high schools in Michigan. Yet she was turned down by her first choices and was wait-listed by the U. of M. I have no idea why -- unless it was because she was so similar to many other good suburban students. She was accepted by a small college -- and loves it!

    I suggest you make an appointment and talk with someone in the UC Irvine admittance department.

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    Check this site.

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