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what will the pH at the end point of 0.0812M Ba(OH)2 be when titrated with HCl?
a) 9.0
b) 8.0
c) 12.2
d) 7.0
e) 6.0

for this question, can i just assume the pH will be 7 since it's s titration with a strong base and a strong acid? (or do i have to do calculations?) I'm just wondering, i'm studying for an exam and i happen to be a slow worker looking for fast short cuts. thank you for your time!

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    If the exam is a multiple guess (multiple choice by other names), I would pick 7.0 automatically since I know BaCl2 is the salt of a strong base and a strong acid and that neither the cation nor the anion are hydrolyzed in aqueous solution. However, if the exam wants to see work, I think you must go through an explanation must like I've provided above.

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    thanks again!

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