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Sorry, If Im posting a lot of French stuff today, its just that I have a Test tomorrow on all of this, so Im trying to get myself prepared.

Professions in French --- I want to know exactly what the professions mean, so I don't get them mixed up anyhow.

Un Pharmacien - That would be a Pharmacist

Un Commerçant - That would be a shopkeeper.
( What exactly does a shopkeeper do? Like it has only one category of things?)

Un boulanger - That would be a baker. I thought that a baker made cakes, but that was a Patissiere that did. So a boulanger just makes bread?

Un boucher - That's a butcher. So that would be a deli owner.?

Un Patissier - Pastry store owner. The person that sells all those goods. Like a cake.

Un charcutier - Delicatessen owner.
(I keep getting this and the boucher mixed up. What is the difference?)

Un fleuriste - Florist

Un caissier - Cashier

  • French - Professions -

    un commerçant = merchant, dealer (simply means he sells something)

    un boulanger = right, bakes bread

    un boucher = butcher but there are speciality butchers also; for example le charcutier = pork butcher (see your later vocabulary word)

    un patissier = pastry cook, proprietor of a pastry shop

    Here's a fun website on "les métiers" = just put your mouse over a drawing to see the job each one does:

    Sra (aka Mme)

  • French - Professions -

    Thanks so much :)

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