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Intro to chem

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What is the volume of 19.7g of oxygen at STP?

Heres what i got but did not get the same answer..pls tell me where i am wrong!

(grams to moles)
19.7g x 1 mol/ 16.00 = 1.23 mol Oxygen

(Pv=nRT) looking for V
1.23 mol x 0.0821 x 273K / 1.00 atm = 27.57


  • Intro to chem -

    You used the atomic weight of Oxygen and not the molar mass (molecular weight).
    19.7/32 = 0.6156 moles
    V = 0.6156*0.08206*273/ = 13.79L which rounds to 13.8L.
    There is another way to do this which is a little easier if you remember that a mole of any gas occupies 22.4L at STP.
    (19.7/32)*22.4 = 13.79 = 13.8L

  • Intro to chem -

    Thank you SO MUCH!

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