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    I'm going to start you off on this one, but you already asked one a lot like this, and we are not going to do your homework for you.


    x(x) + x(-3) + x(-3) + -3(-3)

    You should be able to figure it out from there.

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    yeah sorry but very bad at math this is wat i got
    x^2 +3x-3x+9

    ther suposed to be 3 terms but i got 4

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    y did u do what u did ?
    the x(x)....

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    I was just writing it out, it's the same thing you did when you got x^2, I was just showing multiplying the two x's. And it it three terms when you add like terms together. I'll continue with what I did before.

    x^2 -3x -3x +9. You basically did the same thing, only both 3x should be -3x. You can add the -3x and -3x together to get -6x. So now your final answer would be


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    thanks so much lol i was geting confused at the 3x and the -3x cuz i thought when u add them it wud b like -6x^2 u no what i meen? but yeah thanks that realy helpd me alot ;)

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