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Henry bought 1 liter of fruit juice. He kept 1/4 liter of it in a bottle & poured the remainder equally into 6 cups. How much fruit juice was there in each cup? Give the answer in liters?

**Plz show me how to solve the problem and the answer would be great so I can understand it plz.
Thank you

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    (3/4) / 6 = (3/4) * (1/6) = 3/24 = 1/8 liter in each cup

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    Mrs. Sue can you teach me an easier way I'm still confused. Thank you

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    You need to divide 3/4 of of a liter into 6 cups.

    (3/4) / (6/1)

    When we divide fractions, we have to turn the second fraction upside down and multiply.

    (3/4) * (1/6) = 3/24

    Simplified: 3/4 = 1/8

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    I need to know how to solve 6- 3/4=
    Not sure how to get the answer??

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