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elementry algebra

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use the slope intercept form to graph the equation y=2x+2

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    since this equation is already in the slope-intercept form, we can readily determine the slope and y-intercept.
    note that in slope-intercept form , y = mx + b,
    m is the slope ; and
    b = y-intercept
    thus in the given equation, y = 2x + 2
    m = 2 ; and
    b = 2
    since y-intercept is a point on the line intersecting the y-axis, you plot on the Cartesian plane the point (0,2).
    then we use the slope. since slope is rise/run and the slope we got is 2, the rise/run ratio = 2/1 , meaning, you go 2 points up and then 1 point to the right. the point you should get must be (1,4) -- because from (0,2), (0+1,2+2)=(1,4) . since two points determine a line, you can now plot the equation.

    hope this helps~ :)

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