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jordan high

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A sample of a gas at 0.63 atm occupies a volume of 324 mL. If the temperature remains constant, what will be the new pressure if the volume increases to 124 mL?
new pressure=_____atm

  • jordan high -

    umm i think in the problem, you mean "the volume DECREASES",,

    assuming the gas ideal, we can use the formula
    P1*V1 = P2*V2
    P1 = initial pressure
    V1 = initial volume
    P2 = final pressure
    V2 = final volume
    *this equation is Boyle's Law
    0.63 * 324 = P2 * 124
    P2 = 0.63 * 324 / 124
    P2 = 1.65 atm

    hope this helps~ :)

  • jordan high -

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