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1. Adjectives describe _______________ and ________________ .

2. Adverbs describe _____________ , _____________ , or _________________ .

Underline the Adjectives and Bold the Adverbs in these sentences:

1. The beautiful princess cautiously walked in the forest.

2. The lovely woman lives in a friendly neighborhood.

3. The students show a really wonderful attitude.

4. He spoke sharply, quickly, and with a conceited tone.

5. The kind and compassionate grandmother patiently taught the child to read

6. These decisions are incredibly tough.

7. The clean-cut, well-groomed gentleman spoke harshly to the young lady.

8. She is a responsible person, but she does not drive responsibly.

9. Make a quick decision! I have to shop for all of the decadent ingredients.

10. Today is a wonderful, new day. Let’s eat quickly and get out the door.

Fill in the blanks with 3 comparative and 2 superlative forms of the adjectives or adverbs found in parenthesis. Your answer will be the ONE form of the word that best completes the sentence.

1. He ran _________________ (fast) than before because of the stress he was under.

2. The puppy took to his owner _____________________(quickly) than we had anticipated.

3. It was one of the _____________________ (big) decisions she had ever made!

4. She decided to trust the lawyer ____________________ (readily) than the clerk.

5. The company produced some of the _________________(good) products ever put in stores.

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