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Physics Urgent!!

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A day on Mars is 24.6 Earth hours long. A year on Mars is 687 Earth days long. How do the angular velocities of Mars’ rotation and orbit compare to the angular velocities of Earth’s rotation and orbit?


w is what I used to represent omega...

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    Angular velocities are in inverse proportion to periods. I am sure you know what the earth's rotation and revolution periods (P) are.

    w(M)/w(E)= P(E)/P(M)

    and similarly for the other question.

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    I got 1.88 and 1.03 but they are not the answers....

  • Physics Urgent!! -

    I think I was doing it backwards... will the answers be 0.53 for w(m)/w(e) and 0.98 for w(my)/w(ey)???

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    w(M)/w(E)= P(E)/P(M) = 23.93/24.6 = 0.973

    You are both backwards and upside down. You did not use the formula I gave you.

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