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i'm in 5th grade and i really need some help. in science, we got this science packet that's really hard. it's really hard. the question is:

Jarrod measured the temperatures of two containers of water with two different thermometers. The water in Container A was at 80 degrees celcious. The water in container B was at 5 degrees celcious. The water in container A has........

A- more average kinetic energy than the water in container b

B-less average kinetic energy than the water in container b

C-the same average kinetic energy with the water in container b

D-less thermal energy than the water in container b


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    HI, well i agree with you think about it 80 to 5. what also helps is school notes:) you don't start ttaking REAL notes tell high school or midlle school. all 5th grade is to propare you for middle high school!

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