4th grade math

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which expression represents the phrase three more than f?

  • 4th grade math -

    I've done two other problems for you this afternoon. Now it's your turn.

    I'll be glad to check your answer.

  • 4th grade math -


  • 4th grade math -

    You're kidding!

  • 4th grade math -


  • 4th grade math -





    > is more then

    < is less then

  • 4th grade math -

    i know > is more than and < is less than.
    and you spelled "than" wrong

  • 4th grade math -

    ÇáäÇå ÓãÓ æêã ÈæÇÊ Îäáê ÇÓÍÇâ

  • 4th grade math -

    ÓãÓ æÓÇ çÃêÌÉ

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