Spanish 6 th grade-Please check

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I have three questions-Which sentence is written correctly?

Es un buen clase.

Es un buena clase.
Es un buena clase.

I think it is Es un buen clase. Is that correct?
Second question-
The term pelota refers to any kind of sports ball. Pelota is a ball but what is confusing me is the "Sports ball" I would think it is true but I'm not sure
If I have to use the word tener to express she is hot-I would say -Ella tiene calor, correct?

  • Spanish 6 th grade-Please check -

    Sorry, but ALL are wrong. Once you know the word "la" clase is feminine, both the article (el, la, los, las or un, una, unos, unas) AND the adjective must agree. Here is the correct sentence:

    Es una buena clase.

    There are other words for "ball" depending upon the shape. Since the translation of "la pelota" is simply "ball" if you want to say "sports ball" you actually need to say "una pelota de deporte" = "a ball of sport."

    Correct on: Ella tiene calor.


  • Spanish 6 th grade-Please check -

    Thank you so much for your answers and explanations- I was really wrong on that

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