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Physics 203 ( College)

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Four particles, one at each of the four corners of a square with 2.5-m-long edges, are connected by mass less rods. The masses of the particles are m1 = m3 = 2.0 kg and m2 = m4 = 7.0 kg. Find the moment of inertia of the system about the z axis.

  • Physics 203 ( College) -

    Equation: I=M*L^2

    M is the mass of the object.
    I is the moment of inertia.
    L is the length squared or radius squared.

    I=(2.5^2(m2+m1))+ (2.5^2(m2+m3))
    I= 6.25*(9)+6.25*(9)
    I=112.5 kg*m^2

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