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Hello, I can't figure out the significance of the quote in Tale of Two Cities: "Drive him fast to his tomb". I know it signifies the beginning of the revolution but I'm not sure why.

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    Hasten his death.


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    The Marquis was already dead. Jacques may have left the note to ensure that he was really dead and to avoid any consequences of the murder.

    Yes, the note does foreshadow the coming long and bloody revolution.


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    Try reading the book instead of the sparknotes, and you'll see the line points backward, to the death of Gaspard's son under the wheels of the Marquis' speeding carriage. Defarge was present, and witnessed the Marquis love of racing his carriage around, and his callous and contempt for the peasants -including Gaspard who kills him.

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    Its not foreshadowing its alludes to what Ms Defarge says after the Marquise hits the kid with his carriage and kills him then tells his driver to drive of faster. She says he out to drive him fast to his tomb (or something to that effect)

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