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I don't understand this

He was the dominant creative mind which produced the BRITISH NORTH AMERICA ACT and the union of provinces which became Canada. As the first prime minister of Canada, he oversaw the expansion of the Dominion from sea to sea. His government dominated politics for a half century and set policy goals for future generations of political leaders.

Talking about John Alexander Macdonald

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    I don't understand this either

    His firm engaged primarily in commercial law; his most valued clients were established businessmen or corporations. He was also personally involved in a variety of business concerns. He began to deal in real estate in the 1840s, acquired land in many parts of the province, including commercial rental property in downtown Toronto, and was appointed director of many companies, mainly in Kingston.

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    Mr. Macdonald was the leader of the group that united Canada into an independent nation.

    Mr. Macdonald was a business man, and he was supported by other business men.

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    could u tell me other things abt him in simplified form?

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    Check the sites in this post.

    They are about as simple as I can find.

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    I am sure a google search will produce a lot. Be careful of your spelling, just to be sure. I noticed you missed two letters in the words "you" and "about." You might want to use spell check to weed out the easier spellings, just to avoid confusion.

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