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Aimes-vous peinture " Girl before a Mirror - Picasso? Pourquoi ou pourquoi pas?

[Yes I like the painting "Girl before a Mirror by Picasso because it is really colorful, and the reflection of the girl is something totally different, its strange but cool at the same time]

I don't like my answer above, I want to say something like ..the reflection of the girl is not even its someone totally different, with different skin and all, how do I go beyond the lines on this one?

[Oui, J'aime la peinture, "Girl before a Mirror", parce elle est colore vraiment??????]

Really need help with this one

  • French - SraJMcGin/Frenchy -

    Careful with runon sentences = different; it's strange

    because = parce qu'elle

    Please try to say it in French without the English first, if you can. First thing is to decide on what you say.

    Sra (aka Mme)

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