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Toxic Carbon monoxide gas is produced when fossil fuels such as gasoline, burn wihtout sufficient oxygen gas. The CO ca eventually be converted to CO2 inthe atmsphere. Automobie cata;yctic converters are desgned to speed up this conversion:

How many moles of oxygen gas would be needed to convert 50.0 mol carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide?

What volume of oxygen gas would be needed to react with 986 L CO? (Assume both gases ar the same temp. and pressure)

  • Chemistry -

    2CO + O2 ==> 2CO2
    50 moles CO gas will require 25 moles O2 gas.
    986L CO x (1 mole O2/2 moles CO) = 986L x (1/2) = ?? L O2.
    (NOTE: If reactants and products are in the form of gases and T and P are the same, one may treat volume (liters) as moles.

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