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math 8th grade

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One of a pentagon's sides is 3 feet longer than the other. If the perimeter of the pentagon is 128m, how long is the longest side?

  • math 8th grade -

    Your opening sentence is not clear.
    Are you saying that 4 of the sides are equal and one is 3 feet longer?
    If that is the case, let each of the equal sides be x
    then the longer side is x+3, and

    x + x + x + x + x+3 = 128
    longer side is 18, the others are 15

  • math 8th grade -


  • math 8th grade -

    minus one of those 25

  • math 8th grade -

    Reiny did it right except i x=25 not 15

  • Thanks Sam -

    of course 125/5 = 25 , silly of me

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