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How much heat is required to raise 75 grams of 0 degree Celsius ice to 135 degree Celsius steam?

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    to get the heat released or absorbed,
    Q = mc(T2-T1)
    m = mass of substance (units in g)
    c = specific heat capacity (units in J/g-K)
    T2 = final temperature
    T1 = initial temperature
    **note: if Q is (-), heat is released and if (+), heat is absorbed

    now we can only apply this to substances that did not change its phase, but in the problem, we see that phase change occurs. from ice->water->steam
    thus we need another data called it Latent Heat of Fusion and Latent Heat of Vaporization to calculate for the heat required to change its phase:
    H1 = m(Lf)
    H2 = m(Lv)

    m = mass
    Lf = Latent Heat of Fusion (fusion means melting)
    Lv = Latent Heat of Vaporization (vaporization means from liquid, it becomes vapor)

    the heat required to raise the LIQUID's temp (from 0 C to 100 C) is
    Q1 = mc(100 - 0) = 100*75*c = 7500*c

    the heat required to raise the STEAM's temp (from 100 to 135) is
    Q2 = mc(135 - 100) = 35*75*c

    thus the total heat needed is:
    Q,total = H1 + Q1 + H2 + Q2

    note that can find c, Lf and Lv of water in books or you can just google it. remember and be careful of the units.

    hope this helps~ :)

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