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What is the quarter of the artists called in Paris?

Is it the Pantheon?

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    No. The artists quarter is the 5th Arrondissement on the Left Bank. The Pantheon as well as the Sorbonne.

    Also -- Montmartre is also considered an artists' quarter.

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    Im not sure if Im being specific enough. I want to know the name of the artist district--neighbourhood/quarter. Shouldn't there only be one, because the question asks for only one.

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    Artists live many places in Paris. I've always known the 5th Arrondissement, also known as the Latin Quarter, as the traditional artists' quarter. The famed Sorbonne University is located there. However, a Google search brought up Montmartre also as an artists' quarter.

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    Thanks! I really feel like going there now.

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    I hope you do!

    You're welcome.

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