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global finance

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Search: whar would jeffs monthly morrtgage payment be if he borrowed $80,000 for 30 years at twelve percent annual rate? pls give me the solution and answer by using formula FV=(1+r) to the power of t -1 over r

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    Please review the following case and use it as the basis for your analysis for this unit. Pay careful attention to the situation and note the specific events as they might apply to the information from your chapter. You will use this data to form the basis of your analysis. The specific architecture of your submission may be found in the course Syllabus on page x.

    Suppose that you are planning a trip to England. The trip is a year from now, and you have reserved a hotel room in London at a price of £50 per day. You do not have to pay for the room in advance. The exchange rate is currently $1.50 to the pound sterling.


    Explain several possible ways that you could completely hedge the exchange rate risk in this situation.

    Suppose that r£= 0.12 and r^ = 0.08. Because S = $1.50, what must the forward price of the pound be?

    Show that if F is $0.10 higher than in your answer part b, there would be an arbitrage opportunity.

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